Adding a watermark to documents before printing

Since version 2.4.6333 released May 4th 2017 we have integrated Watermarking into Tray Selector. There is a new entry on the main settings dialog box and extra copies dialog box for each profile labelled “Watermark” as shown below:


Simply by inserting some text up to 12 characters long in this box will instruct Tray Selector to watermark each page of your document during printing.

There is a bug in some versions of Word which means that if your document has different odd/even headers of first page headers setup watermarking every page may not be effective. In this case Tray Selector warns the user before attempting to watermark. For almost all documents this will not be a problem however.

Tim Kempster is a founder member of Tray Selector. He has worked in Computer Science and IT for over 20 years. Tim has a PhD in computer science from the University of Edinburgh.