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Copying button settings between users

We are often asked is it possible to export button settings from one user and import them to another. The answer is Yes it’s as easy as 1,2,3! All the settings for a Tray Selector user are kept in the users registry hive. If you are unfamiliar with the windows registry or regedit read this […]


Download Utility Shareware and be Equipped With Options

Our Word printing solution gives you a reliable software to save your time and energy with your various printing  tasks like mail merge, printing to different trays, printing copies etc.  A printer is your usual tool for your printing tasks. Most offices and also homes have a daily requirement of printed documents. A However, it […]


Printer Problems

Printer Problems Are A Thing Of the Past Printer problems are not uncommon. Printers can aggravate you with a host of issues. They often refuse do what you want leading to wasted time and paper. What you really want is to set them up once, and then for them to work as expected, time and […]