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Tim Kempster is a founder member of Tray Selector. He has worked in Computer Science and IT for over 20 years. Tim has a PhD in computer science from the University of Edinburgh.

Download Printing Shareware and Save half an hour a Day

A printer can give you a tough time, especially when you are not updated with the latest software. Chances are you are still stuck up with manual setups and are busy running around your printer, hoping that things work out. However, with so many good shareware products available on the net designed to solve all […]


Printer set up Utility: First Among the Equals for Your Printer

Printers are tools of daily use for most of us. Many of us are there who use printers professionally. This serves us right for putting out official literature in an organized printed format. Not only official or legal, we use printers for domestic purposes as well. Despite the fact, that printers are so ubiquitous and […]


Print Utility : Quick Companion In Your Printing Task

Printers, today, have become a household item, and have been used extensively everywhere, be it office, school and shop. The daily requirement of a printer in our life can’t be ignored. Even though a printer gives you hard copies of your soft pages available on your computer, it might be a bit tiresome to do […]


Printer Setup Utility

Tray Selector Printer Tray Utility: Download 30-Day Free Trial Software Our printer tray utility is an indispensable accessory for most offices, or indeed anywhere where a lot of printing is carried out. Many offices print complicated documents on a daily basis. Your office may have many printers installed on your network for this purpose. However, […]