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About Tim Kempster

Tim Kempster is a founder member of Tray Selector. He has worked in Computer Science and IT for over 20 years. Tim has a PhD in computer science from the University of Edinburgh.

Tray Selector Word Plugin Not loading

Tray Selector is a Word Add-in. There is a feature in Word where from time to time it can disable Add-ins and stop them loading up when you start Word. When this happens Tray Selector can be missing from the ribbon bar (or tool bar).  This rarely happens but we have seen this happen on […]


Printing to multiple printer trays

Selecting printer trays Once you have installed and setup a multi-tray printer you might like to try to print a document to different printer trays.  Open a word document and create a two page document. Click the page layout tab Click the triangle at the bottom right Open the page setup dialog box and click […]


Printing a Word document to three of four trays

Multiple Tray Printing Here at Tray Selector we are often asked if it is possible to print a document to say 4 or more trays with a single click. With Tray Selector printing to multiple trays is easy. While Tray Selector allows you to print a document and split the first pages to one Tray […]


Chaining Buttons Tray In Selector

Chaining Buttons In Tray Selector At Tray Selector we are sometimes asked if it is possible to print 3 copies of a document to different trays in a single click. It is simple to setup a button to click 2 copies to different trays using the extra copies button shown below:- So that’s easy enough […]


Print to 3 different trays

The problem I’m sometimes asked if its possible to print to 3 different trays from a document with three pages each page going to a different tray in a single click. With Tray Selector this is not only possible but quite easy. In this blog I’ll talk you through how to do this. Setting up […]


Adding a Watermark in Word

Adding a watermark to documents before printing Since version 2.4.6333 released May 4th 2017 we have integrated Watermarking into Tray Selector. There is a new entry on the main settings dialog box and extra copies dialog box for each profile labelled “Watermark” as shown below: Simply by inserting some text up to 12 characters long […]


Cost-effective way of solving printing problem

Reduce printing costs? No matter how good your printer is, you likely have faced printing problems at one time or the other. This is especially true when printing to different types of paper or trays from Microsoft Word.  It is a common problem faced by each and everybody. However,  there is a solution. A cost-effective […]