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No matter which tray I select it prints to the same one

We are sometimes asked the following question. After installing a new printer or installing Tray Selector for the first time, Tray Selector always prints to the same tray no matter which one I select?

This is almost always caused by a problem with the way the printer driver or printer is setup. In fact it is actually a problem configuring Word with your printer or driver and not a problem with Tray Selector at all. The best way to diagnose this is to try to print to a particular tray using the steps shown in the picture below.

If this also fails then the problem lies with your printer driver or printer. You need to make sure your driver settings for the tray selection are set to something like "auto select" or "default". Do not hard code a particular tray at the driver level. It might also be necessary to update your driver or try a PCL or Postscript version of a driver to get this to work. Consult your printer manufacturer to get help with this.

Once page setup tray selection is working in Word 99.99% of the time it will also work in Tray Selector. For more help contact us.