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Download Print Utility And Save Your Time

The ubiquitous print

Printers are used extensively everywhere these days. In homes, offices and schools and other places, printers play an important role in creating a hard copy of your documents. Printers can be utilised for different purposes. The usual tasks may include printing invoices, brochures, notices and other important official and casual documents.

Despite the fact that printers are such important tools and part of office accessories, how many of us think that they still don’t behave as we would like them to,  we seem to be spending more time than required to complete simple tasks as the printers become more and more complex. Often we fiddle around with our printers settings trying to figure out ways  to set up our documents only to change the settings again a bit later. Wouldn’t it be nice to set up your printer once and store these printer settings under a single button?

Introducing Tray Selector

Now you can do exactly this with Tray Selector.

Printer setup utilities come in handy with such situations when your printing requirements are high but time is a scarcity. Or if in any case, if you feel your time is more valuable, then you need to download our printer setup utility to ease your printing tasks.

Once you download print utility, Tray Selector it will attach itself as a tool bar or ribbon bar in your Microsoft Word document. This software helps you to do an efficient job in quickly by selecting up to printer profile buttons. So now you can have the document printed just the way you require without having to change your settings again and again with endless mouse clicks. With this software, you save the time and trouble of going over a monotonous job over and over. What you have instead, is a standard easy step to help you with your printing job in a technology-enhanced smart style.

No more manual execution, no more unnecessary meddling with things that a simple software can do. You are now free to concentrate on more important things. This software also comes with a reliable installer and uninstaller what’s more it is 100% secure and comes with a free 30 day trial.