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Save time and money printing easily from Word

Our Word printing solution gives you a reliable software to save your time and energy with your various printing  tasks like mail merge, printing to different trays, printing copies etc.  A printer is your usual tool for your printing tasks. Most offices and also homes have a daily requirement of printed documents.

However, it can sometimes be a little tiring to do your own manual setups when you want to switch between different paper output or print in different ways. Simple printing tasks can take much longer than first planned. and often result in a lot of wasted paper and materials. This can be solved with our innovative software.

Our Word Add-In is a quality software product not based on unreliable macros. It is a small but very useful step in the field of printing technology. It is software that optimises the way you interact with your printers at home or in the office. You can download this add-in from this site such that you equip yourself with a tool that will serve as a handy companion in your printing tasks.

This software helps you select the printing options just the way you want without having to go through the hassle of many dialogs to set it up. Once selected you can store your settings under a single button and you never need to repeat the process. With multiple printer button profiles set up on a per user basis you can choose the one you want for the task you need. Your printing tasks become as quick as a single click. This is because you don’t need to go through the slog of changing your printer settings again and again.

This Printer utility can help you setup different printing options like duplex, multiple copies, different printers etc. You can print multiple pages per sheet with a preset format, and store each of your printing profiles under a different button.

It saves your time and energy by simplifying your print set up process.