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Make Printing Tasks Easier


Printers are there to do your printing jobs. Supposed to a hassle-free tool, a printer is supposed to make your task easier. However, at times, the contrary can happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set up a button in your toolbar or ribbon bar in Word to safely store your print settings. From then on every time you clicked it your output would be printed correctly that time and every time thereafter.

Introducing Tray Selector

Well now you can because this is exactly what Tray Selector allows you to do. The aim of this software is to save you hours of working on your computer, most of which you waste in manual settings and countless clicks of the mouse in an attempt to fix right the document settings of your choice.

 Our Print utility setup gives you a reliable way to work.  The main feature of this software is the printer profiles you get in the toolbar or ribbon bar.  Each button stores the way you want to print e.g. letter headed page first then plain or all plain or prompt me for page range etc. etc. So no more time-wasting in setting and resetting.


Each printer setting can be saved as a printer profile button on the ribbon bar. This saves you so many hours of running around your printer as you will come realise some time as you start working. The added convenience will only make your task as easier as it gets, and your printing process as much smoother as you would like.