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Printer Tray Setup Utility

Our printer tray utility is an indispensable accessory for most letgal offices, or indeed anywhere where a lot of printing is carried out. Many offices print complicated documents on a daily basis. Your office may have many printers installed on your network for this purpose. However, it can be frustrating at times to have to alter the printer settings manually to print documents in different formats as required.

Tray Selector is an application that will serve as a solution for your printing issues. It works to save you time and energy that you might otherwise have to spend in setting up the printer manually when printing selected pages of your Word documents to different printer trays in order to select different paper types.

Tray Selector is a sophisticated Microsoft Word Add-in that gives you added flexibility when it comes to complicated printing jobs. Tray Selector allows you to add a button to the ribbon or tool bar of Word pre-configured with different ways to print. For example you may want one button to select the first page from the letterhead tray and then all other pages from plain. Another button for duplex-printing and so on and so forth.

So now there is no longer any need for you to wade through endless option screens and menus every time you want to change your print settings – Tray Selector allows you to create multiple pinter profile buttons and print in a single click just the way you desire, without having to run around worrying about your printer tray settings!

This legal printer software is also perfectly compatible with all types of printer drivers, so it can work on any printer. Tray Selector fulfils its functions effectively on all versions of Microsoft Word from 2000 upwards. In addition, there is also a guarantee that the download is 100% satisfaction gaurentee and a 30 day free no obligation trial.

Tray Selector is easy to install. It will take just a few minutes to download this easy-to-use download Tray Selector. What’s more if you decide to buy it is inexpensive and comes with a years quality email based support.