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Download Printing Shareware And Have A Good Day

A printer can give you a tough time, especially when you are not updated with the latest software. If so, chances are you are still stuck with manual setups and are busy running around your printer, hoping that things work out.

Printer problems are rather common. However, newer innovations in printing technologies these days, ensure that you don’t have to live up with them. Our product Tray Selector is just such an inovative product.

This is a shareware available on our site which guarantees saving your precious time and energy, and in the long run, a lot of money. If you want to download printing shareware, it will take just a few minutes. After that, the printer tray attaches itself to your Microsoft toolbar, giving you easy accessibility to your desired printing profiles. In fact, this software is nicely compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office and Windows. All in all, it gives you the easy setup options for your documents, with the layout that you would like to have. While a reliable macro is yet another product feature, the six printer profile options eliminate unnecessary clicking of your mouse to set up the desired format again and again. This is also made possible by the fact that the document settings are not preserved, giving you the freedom to get the printing profiles just the way you like, with any tray combinations.

Download printing shareware today and find that managing your printing tasks and quickly finishing them off was never easier. What more can you ask for, with a 100% guarantee and a one month free trial period of a fully functional version of this software.