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Printing Problems a thing of the past

Printing Problems

Wherever there is a hardware accessory there can be a problem. Wherever there is a problem, there are new updated software to deal with it. If printing problems are plaguing you, what you need is a utility that can improve your printer performance or save your valuable time by organising the printing tasks.

Printers are items of daily use, an essential part of office supplies. However, printers are also the source of the printing problems and the headaches you have to bear by way of the long duration of time it takes to do simple printing tasks. Such simple tasks can be as simple as laying out different document formats and styles. Yet so often it happens that many of us are not able to work at it out in as smooth and suave manner as we would like to, especially when the printing requirements are high. Not that it is our fault. The folly lies in the ignorance that there are so many high-end software utilities available as sharewares on the internet that can enhance printer performance, and in the process, saving countless hours of useless toil.

Manual setup of Printing Trays

Manual setups of different desired document profiles each time printing in a particular format is done can be tedious. It requires a lot of adjustments time and again, when all you have to do is to set up to 12 printer profiles together and print them one by one on the sly, seamlessly.

This Microsoft Word Add-in gives you an easy and economical access to a valuable resource. So if you think it’s high time you upgraded your processes then download a free 30 day trial of Tray Selector today.