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Print Utility

Tray Selector is a useful printer management utility which gives you added flexibility when printing with Microsoft Word. Currently, printing the same document on two different paper types is a frustratingly laborious and time-consuming business – you can either manually change the paper tray yourself or spend hours creating a macro to perform this simple operation for you. Both of these options are needlessly complicated and rob you of valuable time which you could be spending more profitably on more productive tasks.

Our printer management utility effortlessly solves this simple yet often-encountered problem. Quick to download and easy to install, Tray Selector is a compact yet fully-featured utility that integrates into the existing Word interface to bring you one-click printing to multiple printer trays. Download this sophisticated piece of printer control software today for a free 30-day trial and to find out for yourself just how helpful and user-friendly Tray Selector actually is.

Tray Selector Printer Management Utility

A shareware printing utility that’s easy to use and useful for many different printing tasks, Tray Selector boasts a wide array of practical features that make it an ideal printer management utility for today’s modern office, including:

  • Compatibility with all printers.
  • Full support for duplex printing.
  • Runs on all main Windows platforms.
  • Can be used with every version of Microsoft Word from 2000 onwards.
  • Effortlessly deals with mail merges, envelopes and labels.

What's more, with this powerful printer management utility you can create many different print profiles for instant multiple-tray printing, so there’s no need to configure your printer differently for all your various printing tasks. Once you’ve set up your print profiles, they’ll appear as individual buttons on your Word taskbar, and you can print documents in the specified formats with just one click.

For more information on how Tray Selector works and exactly what it is capable of, see our Tray Selector FAQ.