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Print without wasting time, money and nerves

We created Tray Selector to free you from time-consuming, complex, and error-prone print settings changes in Word. Now you can get back to the work that matters to you and your clients by setting up the way you print once, and storing it under a single-click button.

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Features designed to make your life easier.

Tray Selector offers a hassle-free experience, unlike macros that require knowledge of programming languages or the need to hire experts for setup and maintenance. With Tray Selector, everything is simplified and taken care of, so you can effortlessly accomplish your tasks without any extra effort or technical expertise.

1. Install Tray Selector

duplexing printer

2. Setup buttons

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3. Save time with one-click print buttons

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See Tray Selector in action

In a couple of minutes you can create your own personalised Word printing toolbar giving you up to 20 one-click printing buttons to select your choice of printer and tray combinations. You can print multiple-copies, page ranges, mail-merges or extra copies. Once you set up your printing options you can save them to a button and access them in a single click. Yes, it’s that easy!

Maybe you are using Macros... but Tray Selector is better

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No complicated setup

Creating and editing macros requires some familiarity with VBA programming concepts. If you are not familiar with programming or VBA, there may be a learning curve involved in understanding the syntax and logic of macros.

printer double sided printing

No update problems

Macros may require maintenance or updates if there are changes in Word versions or updates to the documents or printing requirements. It's important to review and update macros periodically to ensure they continue to work correctly.

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No flexibility problems

Macros operate within the capabilities of Microsoft Word and VBA. Some complex or specialized printing requirements may be challenging to achieve solely through macros. In such cases, more advanced tools or programming languages may be required.

Over 5,000 lawyers bill additional $3,000,000 annually.

Find how Tray Selector helps increase your revenues by up to 12%

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