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Help: Mail Merge

What if my document is a mail merge ?

If you have a Mail Merge document and want to print it using Tray Selector it is quite simple. Setup your Mail Merge document in word and preview it to ensure it is correct. You can use the back and forward buttons that look like:

Word 2003:  Word 2007: 

Once you are sure your data is correct. At this point do not click any of the buttons (shown below):

Word 2003: Word 2007:

to merge the document to a new document printer or fax as you would normally do. Instead click your Tray Selector button. Tray Selector will automatically recognize that the document is a mail merge and display the dialog box shown below:



If you click ‘Yes’ then each merged letter of your document will be printed using your Tray Selector settings. Clicking ’No’ will just print the current document (i.e. unmerged) and clicking ‘Cancel’ will print nothing.

Notice that in mail merge mode, Tray Selector will print just one copy of your document, even if you have set a different number of copies to be printed, and it will not print any extra advanced copies.

Advanced Copies Options

Tray Selector allows you to print a second print job to another printer with all the usual printer tray selection options. Using this method, you can set up various advanced printing options – for example printing your documents to a PDF file and as a hard copy to a printer – with a single click. To achieve this, click the “Advanced Copies…” button (as shown below). A new dialogue box will open allowing you to select another printer, tray combination and number of copies to print. By default this feature is turned off for new profiles by setting the number of copies to 0.