Print jobs go to the wrong tray

Printer problems are not uncommon. Printers can ail you with a host of whims. They often refuse to obey your command. Printers can be slow and stubborn enough to give you a headache.

When faced with such a situation, you need a doctor who can understand the psychology of the printers and suggest a treatment for them. Let us give you a free prescription. Your printer needs a dose of a Tray Selector. This is one medicine that can cheer up the mood of your printer to give you efficient service.

Let us explain. Tray Selector is a Microsoft Word add-in which gives you all the benefits that you would like your printer to bring to you:

  1. With up to 20 printer profiles on the ribbob bar, it give you more document setup options
  2. It will save you countless mouse clicks
  3. Since printer setup settings are preserved each time you print, you can store and recall them in a single click.
  4. A reliable add-in to work with
  5. Compatibility all versions of Microsoft Word

Are you ready for your printer doctor to step in, to help you tide over your printer problems, or whatever printing issues you have? Do you want to energise your printer to finish up your printing work in quick time?

30 Day free Trail

Then all you need is give this Tray Selector a few minutes to download to your computer and attach itself on your Microsoft Word ribbon bar, so that you can enjoy its functional benefits anytime you want, at your sweet convenience

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