Printer Problems Are A Thing Of the Past

Printer problems are not uncommon. Printers can aggravate you with a host of issues. They often refuse do what you want leading to wasted time and paper. What you really want is to set them up once, and then for them to work as expected, time and again, with a single click of a button. This is what Tray Selector delivers.

When faced with printer problems such as tray selection, you need software that understands printers and can treat the problem with a reliable solution. Let us give you a free prescription. Your printer needs a dose of a our  software.

Tray Selector is a software add-in for Microsoft Word that simplifies printing tasks to such an extent you can perform what you want with a single click.

  • Tray Selector adds up to multiple printer setting profiles to its unique Word toolbar or ribbon bar (in Word 2010 or above).
  • It will save you countless mouse clicks
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word
  • Compatible with all printers
  • Solve many duplex or double sided printing issues.
  • Solves mail merge problems.
  • Works on Citrix and Terminal Server.
  • Is much more reliable than macro based solutions.

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