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Watermark Word document – 1,000x quicker with Tray Selector

If you Watermark word documents it serves as an effective tool for branding, protecting, and customizing documents. However current solutions are cumbersome, unreliable, and difficult to maintain. Try Tray Selector today and see how stable, reliable and maintainable watermarking is as well as many other benefits. Watch the 2 min video below….


Tray Selector allows you to add one-click buttons to print in a variety of ways to any printer or printer tray combination. As one of its many features you can also add watermarking to a button so that a watermark is applied to the first or each page of the document just before printing, the document is printed and the watermark is removed. Once setup this can be done in a single click over and over.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to setup a ribbon bar button which prints watermarked documents in a single click.




watermark word document

Once you setup a Watermark Button as shown above in Tray Selector each time you click the button to print a watermark is applied.



Whether you’re looking to add a company logo, a confidential notice, or simply a background text to your document, watermarks can help convey the status or ownership of your document without obstructing the main content. With Tray Selector, enhancing your Word documents with watermarks becomes a streamlined process, adding another layer of functionality to your document management system.


Key Features of Watermarks in Word Documents

  1. Branding: By inserting a company logo or specific branding elements as a watermark, businesses can reinforce brand identity in their official documents.
  2. Confidentiality: Adding a “Confidential” watermark to sensitive documents can alert recipients to the nature of the document’s content, ensuring that it is handled appropriately.
  3. Draft Notices: For documents in progress, a “Draft” watermark can help signify that the document is not in its final form, helping to prevent premature distribution or use.
  4. Customization: Watermarks can be customized in terms of text, image, size, transparency, and position, offering flexibility in how they are displayed within the document.

Integrating Watermarks with Tray Selector

Tray Selector simplifies the process of managing and printing documents with watermarks in Word. By enabling users to predefine printing profiles that include watermark settings, it ensures that the correct watermark is applied every time a document is printed. This feature is particularly useful for law firms and professional settings where document types with specific watermarks are frequently used.

How to Add Watermarks in Word Documents – using Tray Selector

Adding a watermark in a Word document typically involves accessing the “Design” tab (or “Page Layout” in some versions), selecting “Watermark,” and then choosing from a list of predefined watermarks or creating a custom one. Custom watermarks can include text or images, allowing for a high degree of personalization. Alternatively cumbersome Macros which are hard to maintain and prone to failure can also be used.


Watermarks are a versatile feature in Word documents, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. When combined with Tray Selector’s printing capabilities, managing documents with watermarks becomes a more efficient and streamlined process. This integration is especially beneficial in environments where document appearance and security are paramount, such as legal, academic, and corporate settings. 


Tray Selector enhances the usability of watermarks by simplifying the printing process, ensuring that documents are printed with the correct watermark every time, thus saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

By leveraging Tray Selector alongside Word’s watermarking capabilities, users can ensure their documents are not only secure and branded but also consistently formatted across all printouts, reflecting professionalism and attention to detail in every page.

More than just watermarking

  • Page selection – with prompting.
  • Extra Copies
  • Handles envelope printing and mail merge
  • Split document into sections and print.
  • Hide/Show footers/headers before printing
  • Add File name of document in footer.
  • Full support and upgrades while subscribed
  • And much much more….

Problems with existing solutions

Creating a watermark in Microsoft Word documents is a common practice for indicating the status of the document (such as “Confidential” or “Draft”) or for branding purposes. While using headers and footers to add watermarks can seem like a straightforward solution, there are several problems associated with this method. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key issues and provide tips for better watermarking practices.

1. Lack of Flexibility

When you insert a watermark via headers and footers in Word, you might find the customization options quite limited. Unlike dedicated watermarking features, headers and footers are primarily designed for text and page numbering. This means you might struggle with adjusting the size, transparency, or rotation of your watermark to achieve the desired effect.

2. Inconsistent Appearance Across Pages

Watermarks added through headers and footers can sometimes appear differently on various pages, especially if your document includes sections with different header and footer settings. For instance, if you have a landscape page amidst portrait pages and the header/footer settings are not consistent, the watermark might not align as intended across all pages.

3. Difficulty with Layering

Headers and footers in Word are designed to sit either at the very top or the very bottom layer of a page. If you’re trying to achieve a watermark effect that overlays text and images seamlessly, you might find that elements placed in headers and footers are either completely behind or in front of the main content, making it difficult to create a subtle watermark that doesn’t interfere with the document’s readability.

4. Watermark Removal

Adding a watermark through headers and footers makes it relatively easy for anyone with basic Word skills to remove or alter the watermark. This poses a significant problem if the watermark is intended to protect the document’s integrity or indicate its status. The ease of removal reduces the effectiveness of the watermark as a security feature.

5. Printing Issues

Depending on how the watermark is inserted into the header or footer, there might be inconsistencies when the document is printed. Some printers or PDF conversion tools might interpret the header/footer content differently, leading to watermarks that are either too faint, misplaced, or even missing in the printed document.

Solutions and Best Practices

To avoid these problems, consider using Tray Selector. This feature is specifically designed for watermarking and offers more flexibility in terms of positioning, opacity, and design. For more robust watermarking needs, especially for security purposes, you might also explore third-party document management or security software that offers advanced watermarking capabilities.

In conclusion, while using headers and footers for watermarking in Word documents might seem like an easy fix, it’s fraught with limitations that can affect the appearance, security, and integrity of your documents. By exploring dedicated watermarking solutions, such as Tray Selector, you can achieve a more professional and secure outcome.

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