Printer Settings: Tray Selector solves them all

Simplify printer settings with pre-set buttons for Duplex printing, watermarking, envelope handling, headers, footers mail merge in a single click and so much more…

Tray Selector – the ultimate lifesaver for lawyers drowning in Word’s endless printer settings. If you’re tired of getting lost in the print maze, we’ve got your back. With Tray Selector, you can wave goodbye to time-consuming, fiddly print setups and hello to work that actually matters. Simply sort your print settings once, tuck them under a handy, single-click button, and get ready to rock and roll!

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Take a look at Tray Selector

In a couple of minutes you can create your own personalised Word printing toolbar giving you up to 20 one-click printing buttons to select your choice of printer settings. You can print multiple-copies, page ranges, mail-merges, watermarks, or extra copies in seconds. Once you set up your printing options you can save them to a button and access them in a single click. Yes, it’s that easy!

Printer settings simplified?

To print a document with the 1st page on headed paper and the rest on plain paper in Word, you can either a) manually change the printer settings each time, b) create a complex error prone macro, or c) physically go to the printer and change the paper in the trays.

Instead With Tray Selector you can do all this with a single click.

Printing Solutions

Many printing solutions out there still rely upon users setting up and switching between complex settings. With Tray Selector you can setup how you want to print and then just click over and over knowing your print job will work every time.

Printer Utility

You can download and install the Word plug-in in just a few minutes. Try out a fully functional version for 7 days with absolutely no obligation. If you like it, you can buy for just $4/month.

Easy to use

Tray Selector seamlessly integrates with all versions of Microsoft Word on Windows to put powerful new printing options at your fingertips. No more messing with print settings and page set up.

Better still we will support you in the whole process.

Dedicated for over a decade

Tray Selector saves you time, money and resources

printer settings

We firmly believe in the principle that printing documents should be a seamless and hassle-free experience. Since our establishment in 2012, our unwavering dedication has been to provide invaluable assistance to law firms, allowing them to save precious time, minimize frustration, and substantially enhance their billable hours. With our great Word printer settings add-in and personalized support, we are committed to simplifying the process of managing printer settings, making it effortlessly convenient for our clients. Tray Selector works with all leading print control software like Paper Cut  and PrintTix and is an invaluable addition to your legal tech stack.

Over 5,000 lawyers bill additional $3,000,000 annually.

Find how Tray Selector helps increase your revenues by up to 12%

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Our pricing is simple.

$ 4 Monthly (per user, billed annually)
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We have simplified the pricing of Tray Selector and now offer a simple SaaS subscription model which includes all updates and support while subscribed. Please contact contact us for more details. We have also imposed a minimum 10 users per license as the overhead of supporting small numbers of users is too great.

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