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Tray Selector – Frequently Asked Questions Page 1

Q: Will Tray Selector work with any printer?

A: Yes. The Tray Selector utility will offer you the option of setting up printing to any printer that is available on your PC. For each printer you can specify which tray to print your documents from, for the first page and then for subsequent pages«back to menu.

Q: Will Tray Selector work with duplex/two-sided printers?

A: Yes. Just set up a profile in the normal way, with one caveat – change the printer setup options (see help page) to print the first two pages to the first tray. This will ensure that your first duplex page is printed on both sides of the paper. We have some more information on how to setup a separate printer name/driver that just prints duplex by clicking here«back to menu.

Q: Can I have two profile buttons on Tray Selector – one which prints single-sided and the other that prints duplex/two-sided?

A: Yes. This is a very common request from people who have duplex printers. You need to carry out a few steps first. We have provided an online tutorial to explain how to set up your printer options to deal with double sided printer drivers here «back to menu.

Q: How many printing profiles can I have?

A: Using our printer setup utility you can have up to seven different printing profiles. You give each profile a name when you set it up: for example “letters”, “plain”, “colour”, etc. Each profile can be seen as a new button in the Tray Selector button bar. It is possible to extend the number of print profiles to 20 with a simple registry tweak. Please use the contact page to contact us for information on how to do this «back to menu.

Q: Can I setup Tray Selector to print to different printers?

A: Yes, you can set up Tray Selector to print to any printers available to the PC on which the printer setup utility is installed. In fact, many of our users find this is a really useful feature. They just set up Tray Selector to allow single-click printing to a number of different printers«back to menu.

Q: Can Tray Selector print the first page of a document to one printer and the other pages to different printers?

A: Not exactly, each profile button can only access one printer at a time, but different printers can be used in different profiles. There is one exception. By using the “Extra Copies” section, you can set up an extra print job to another printer under the same button. Please see the help page for more details. In this way, you can setup a single click button to print your document to one printer and a copy to another but the whole document will be printed each time. You can use page selection to limit the output to the first printer however«back to menu.

Q :Can Tray Selector print an envelope as part of its profile button?

A: Yes. Click the settings button on the Tray Selector printer setup utility and select the profile from which you want to print an envelope. Click the button called “Envelopes”. The dialogue box shown below will appear. Check the box to enable envelope printing, and select the printer to which you want the envelope to be sent. Now, when the profile button is pressed, it will also show the normal Word envelopes dialogue, allowing you to print an envelope too. See the help page for more details.

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Q: Can I split my document up into a number of segments each of which being a specific number of pages long and treat each segment as the whole document for printing?

A: Some users have documents which repeat every X pages and they want to treat each part as a separate document, e.g. printing the first page to one tray, then the next X-1 pages to another tray, then to go back to the first tray again. To do this, just select the length of each segment as shown in the image below. Tray Selector will then split the document up into segments of this size and print according to your settings. Please note splitting is only done for the main print settings, not the extra copies.

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Q: What is the free 30-day trial?

A: You can use a fully functional version of Tray Selector free for 30 days to see if you like it. After that, if you are satisfied with the new printer setup functions it provides, then we would ask you to pay the modest price of $29.99 or uninstall the utility «back to menu.

Q: How do I buy Tray Selector?

A: After you install Tray Selector, you can open the settings dialogue box and click the “Buy” button. You will be taken to an online credit card processing page where you can buy a licence key using a credit or debit card. You then enter the license key into Tray Selector. Once you have licenced it you can use it after the 30-day trial period.«back to menu

Q :Can I buy a licence for all the machines in my office?

A: You can buy a site licence for a particular number of users – just contact us using the form provided on this website and let us know how many users you would like. We provide substantial discounts for people who purchase multiple licences«back to menu.

Q :Do you support and enhance Tray Selector?

A: Yes, our professional team of programmers are always looking for new ways to improve our products. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for the future«back to menu.

Q :Do you provide support?

A: Yes, we provide email support via our contact us page. When you purchase Tray Selector you get the first years email support and upgrades free. You can extend this after the first year if you chose to by contacting us. «back to menu.

Q :I have adobe PDF writer installed. Can I print to PDF?

A: Yes. Adobe provides a PDF printer driver, so you just set up a Tray Selector button to print to the PDF printer driver. There are also a number of free PDF drivers such as PDFCreator that work perfectly with our print setup utility«back to menu.

Q :I have a big installation and I want to distribute using a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file – can I do this?

A: Yes, we can provide you with an MSI file. Please contact us for more details.

Q: I’m an administrator and I want to stop my users changing profiles – can I do this?

A: Yes, there are registry tweaks that you can use to hide the settings button and also to mark profiles as read-only. Please contact us for more details«back to menu.