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Then watch the quick start guide to Tray Selector on YouTube.  You can download tray selector and start your free 7 day trial in just minutes. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like us to install Tray Selector for you a

nd provide you with a quick demo of its capabilities. We are always happy to onboard new customers and law firms. 

Tray Selector is a Microsoft World plugin that allows users and administrators to setup single click buttons in Word to direct print jobs to specific trays, handle page selection, manage water marks, manage envelope printing, duplexing, mail merge and so much more. It provides a battle ready alternative to unreliable macros in a user friendly integrated manner.

Free Trial

Once you have downloaded and installed Tray Selector you can use completely free for 7 days. After that we would ask just $4/user/month for a subscription less than the price of a cup of coffee. We estimate on average Tray Selector save lawyers 1-2 hours a month by automating and streamlining common printing tasks. 

download tray selector and start your free trial

After downloading Tray Selector users will see a new ribbon bar. The ribbon bar will contain up to 20 pre-set buttons which will provide users with a way to program the way they want to print. This could be to print an extra copy to plain paper once they print the first to headed paper. Print a copy with a “File” watermark for watermarking file copies. Prompt a user to select number of copies when they print the document and so much more. 


We constantly aim to improve the product and welcome your comments and suggestions via our contact us page. 

Reasons to download Tray Selector and give it a try

– Simplifies printer settings management in Microsoft Word for Windows.
– Enables one-click access to saved printer settings for various printing tasks.
– Compatible with leading print control software, including PaperCut.
– Ideal for environments requiring complex printing operations, such as legal firms.
– Offers trial and subscription options, with emphasis on user support and easy integration.
Tray Selector offers a powerful solution for managing printer settings directly from Microsoft Word on Windows, ideal for simplifying complex printing tasks like duplex printing, watermarking, and handling different paper types. It allows users to save printer settings to buttons for one-click access, facilitating tasks such as printing documents on varied paper types or incorporating mail merges without manual adjustments.   Compatible with leading print control software including PaperCut, Tray Selector enhances productivity and supports legal and other professional environments by streamlining the printing process. It’s available for trial and subscription, emphasizing user support and ease of integration. For more details, visit Streamlining workflow in law firms brings several advantages:
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimized processes reduce redundant tasks, speeding up case handling and client service.
  • Improved Accuracy: Automated workflows decrease human error, ensuring higher quality in document preparation and legal filings.
  • Cost Reduction: Efficiency gains lead to lower operational costs by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Better Client Satisfaction: Quicker turnaround times and fewer errors increase client trust and satisfaction.
  • Increased Competitiveness: Firms that adopt streamlined workflows can offer faster and more reliable services, standing out in a competitive market.

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We have simplified the pricing of Tray Selector and now offer a simple SaaS subscription model which includes all updates and support while subscribed. Please contact contact us for more details. We have also imposed a minimum 10 users per license as the overhead of supporting small numbers of users is too great.

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