Once you have clicked on Settings, click in the Profile Name box. Now type in a descriptive name for your printer tray selection profile that means something to you. For this example, we are going to use the name Letterhead 1st, as we want a button that, in one click, will print the 1st page on letterhead and every other page on blank paper.
Ensure that the Show in Toolbar tick box is checked (this only happens by default in profile 1).

Under Select Printer, click on the drop-down arrow and select the printer to use for this profile button (all printers you have installed will appear in the dropdown list). The available paper trays for that printer now appear under the First Page and Other Pages boxes.

In the First Page box, select the printer tray from which you want the paper for the first page of your letter/document to come. In this example, our headed paper is stored in the Manual Paper Feed – yours may be different.

In the Other Pages box, select the printer tray from which you want the subsequent pages of your letter/document to come. In this example, we want plain paper for our other pages, which is stored in our Paper Input Bin – again, yours may be different.

Your Tray Selector dialogue box should now look something like this. Note that the Profile 1 tab now shows the name of your new printer tray selection profile.














When you are happy that you have configured the profile to your requirements, click OK.

The named printer tray selection profile button now appears in your Tray Selector tool bar in Word:

or in Word 2007/2010/2013 in the ribbon bar “Addin” tab like this: