You can have up to seven different Tray Selector profiles (maximum 20 available contact us for details) for any printer tray selections that you may require. Each of these profiles creates a button in Word to let you print to your chosen combination of paper trays with a single mouse click.

To create an additional Tray Selector profile, click on Settings again, then the Profile 2 tab, and then follow the instructions above to configure your profile. Note that if you have more than one printer, you can allocate different profiles to different printers – just select the appropriate printer from the drop-down menu.

N.B. Make sure for any subsequent profiles that you check the Show in Toolbar tick box.

This example shows a Tray Selector profile called Plain that is configured to print to plain paper on both the first page and other pages. You can obviously name and configure your profiles in any way you wish.

Word now shows two Tray Selector buttons for one-click printing –