Tray Selector makes it simple for you to select a printer tray profile for your documents. Once you have installed Tray Selector, the next time you open Word you will see the Tray Selector toolbar in the top left corner. This consists of two buttons, Main and Settings.

To configure Tray Selector for one-click printing, click on Settings.

The Tray Selector dialogue box appears. From here you can configure up to seven different Tray Selector profiles. Each profile, once configured, appears as a button in the Tray Selector toolbar, allowing single-click printing of your chosen printer tray selections.

Here are some examples of common Tray Selector profiles:

Every page is printed on Letterhead paper.

Letterhead 1st 
The first page is printed on Letterhead, with subsequent pages printed on plain paper.

All pages are printed on plain paper.

You can also configure Tray Selector to select printer trays containing coloured paper, envelopes and even labels – all with the click of a single button.