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Solve Your Printing Problems

Suppose you have to print pages in different ways to different printers or printer trays throughout the day then this software helps you to set up a printing profile for each way you print and store them under a single button and recall that with a single click in a word tool bar or ribbon bar button.

There are several printing resources available on Internet, which can help you to solve printing problems. One such is a Print Utility called Tray Selector. Downloading and installing is easy. This website gives you easy access to Download Print Utility Tray Selector and provides help in installing and setting it up.

Print the way you want in a single click

With Tray Selector you are free to print the way you wish in a single click. The pre-set format means you can select the way you want to print once quickly and easily, be it duplex, headed paper, draft etc. Then in a single click repeat that way over and over again. And most importantly save your a lot of your time and energy reducing stress and save paper and printer supplies. If you have got a multi tray printer and want to Save time and money  Tray Selector will make your life much easier.

Used in law firms all over the world

Hundreds of Legal firms from just a few users to several hundreds of lawyers are finding this print software is easing their many printing hassles. Endowed with benefits like optimising your work, and minimizing your time and paper consumption, this Word Plugin makes printing easy.